October 12, 2012

Big Day Out

Posted in Progress tagged , , , at 2:25 pm by Reva

Woo hoo!  I’ve been outside.  In the (cold) fresh air! And had human contact! And coffee! And cake!  Small things hey?  I’m not used to being cooped up for so long.  I usually push myself back to work after a day or two because living alone I start going stir crazy home alone for much longer.

This week I’ve had conversations (in person) to 2 people – my GP and the pathology nurse who took my bloods (oh I guess the receptionist at the GP too).  So when one of my lovely colleagues told me last night she had an ADO and asked if I’d like to go for coffee I jumped at the chance.  Human Contact!!  Fresh Air!!  Oh, and an opportunity to start easing my body into normality before heading back to what is likely to be a crazy busy week at work next week.

We went to this gorgeous little cafe that she found earlier in the week.  It was quiet, there were no fluro lights, parking was good so I didn’t have to walk too far…and the food was great.  It has only recently opened and I think it must in in a heritage listed building – the wall paper was peeling off the walls in places and there were signs asking people to not remove it.  It was furnished with old farmhouse style wooden tables.  The food was cooked on site and the lemon lattice slice was beautiful.  If my brain wasn’t still slightly in a fog I would have remembered to take a photo (I’ll have to go back 😛 )

Anyway, it was enough to wear me out for one day (and I have a few jobs I need to get done through the day).  So that’s all I’m writing today (I just wanted to share what on a normal week is no big deal but this week feels like huge progress).


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