October 17, 2012

Meet Miss Maisie

Posted in Strategies tagged , , , at 7:51 pm by Reva

Maisie’s my guard dog.  No really, she is!

Maisie loves toast, licking things (everything – faces, the floor, the air, I’ve even caught her licking walls on at least two occasions), her friends Barney, Polly and Nelly, hiding rawhide in her special places (frequently under my pillow) , the next door neighbour (who visits her when I’m at work) and the cleaner.

She likes doing neighbourhood watch from the end of my bed, and comes to find me to tell me if there is something out of place.  She likes to bark so that everyone knows how big and tough she is.  This includes the large dogs we pass on our walks.

She doesn’t like other dogs walking anywhere she can see from the front window.  Or cats she can see from the front window.  Or people she can see from the front window.  Or birds…anywhere.

Maisie knows how to sit (when she wants to), wait (if she chooses to), find her duck (or whatever toy is closest to her that she thinks might pass as her duck and get her a treat) and to check if someone’s at the door.

The truth is on the really bad days, without Maisie I’d go a little crazy.  I really think that since Maisie came to live with me I’ve managed my ME/CFS better.  Having another living thing with me means that I can talk to a living creature other than myself.


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  1. […] Maisie – okay, Maisie might not help my ME/CFS directly but she does help with the social isolation and hence depression associated with it.  I was being treated for depression at the time I got her and while I know that she’s not the only reason I’ve been managing my depression I know she’s a big part of it. […]

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