October 29, 2012

Kind of a Disclaimer

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I had a fairly loose idea of where this blog would head when I started it, and to be honest I’m still finding my feet.  Whilst the number one aim when starting was using it as a method of helping myself – reminding myself of what I have achieved and can still do in spite of a chronic illness, and as a way of documenting what has (and will continue to be) a long road.  As I get further into this I realise that part of my journey has been the treatments and tests I have tried.

My own background is scientific – I wouldn’t recommend a client follow a route that doesn’t have a good solid scientific backing with support and publication in a reputable peer reviewed journal.  But what do you do when there is limited scientific backing?

I think before I take it further I need to make it clear that even though I am a health professional, the information that I’m sharing here has been researched in the context of my own health.  Each time I have tried a treatment or looked into a test I’ve researched it myself but also taken the information I have found and discussed it in detail with my own medical doctor who is the person other than me who has access to my complete medical history.

As a result I feel have to make it clear that this isn’t a medical blog.  Nothing I write here is a recommendation, just a part of my own journey and research.  If you find something here that you think might help you, remember that everyone is different and what has (or hasn’t) worked for me, may or may not be the right route for you. Please discuss with your own managing health professional if it is the right route for you.

Where I can I hope to link to evidence I have sourced but as I said, the evidence isn’t always there.  In these cases I’ll do my best to document my thought processes (but sometimes it’s kind of jumbled). And if after reading about any of my experiences you are confused please ask – one of the symptoms of my condition is mental confusion and sometimes when I write my thoughts get jumbled.  I’m trying to avoid this by writing ahead of time so I can reread before posting but I have no doubt that some muddled thoughts will sneak in which I apologise in advance for.


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  1. merbear264 said,

    It takes me forever to get a post right because my thoughts are always scattered. Yet I make more sense on here than when I speak.

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