About Me

Who Am I?  I’m health professional who lives and works in country Victoria, Australia.  I have ME/CFS and want to share how I live with the condition – the good and the bad.  I want somewhere I can share my thoughts, my theories, my bad days and most importantly my achievements.

On my good days I like to bake, sew and play house and am always looking for new recipes, patterns and organising tips.  On the not so good days I watch too much TV.  In between I just try to get from one day to the next in one piece.


  1. fiona said,

    Thanks for sharing Nicole. I have MS so can relate to a lot of what you say, especially the good days, bad days…

  2. jackiewriting said,

    Thanks for following my blog, I’m looking forward to reading yours! x

  3. Hi Nicole.

    Thanks for dropping by http://livingwithmydisability.wordpress.com/ and following.

    I can definitely relate to sitting watching too much TV just to pass the day. It’s a challenge to break that cycle but one that we need to face and tackle with as much strength as we can.

    Look forward to keeping in touch


    • Reva said,

      Thank you too Steven, I look forward to continuing to follow your journey.

  4. E. Milo said,

    Nicole, where have you been? It’s good that you haven’t posted in a while, right? I hope you’re loving life. 🙂


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