This is a personal Blog.  All information provided is for informational purposes only. The information may change over time due to advances in medical research or due to changes in the authors opinion or experiences. In addition the opinions expressed are that of the author only.  For personalised medical advice please speak to your medical doctor.


  1. Oooooh! I love this….do you mind if I copy it to my blog?

    • Reva said,

      No problem, go ahead 🙂

      • Thank you! I just created my add’l page with this. I love this…did you make it on your own or did someone suggest you do so?

      • Reva said,

        Kind of a bit of both. It was a compromise in a way too. I think I looked around at what other people were doing and then adapted it to make it more relevant to me. I’m glad you like it.

      • Thank you! I didn’t copy it work for word…I changed it to fit my blog. And I followed you too. Do you have a raredisease also?

      • Reva said,

        It’s not rare, misunderstood is probably a better description.

        And no problem. Happy to have helped 🙂

  2. jackiewriting said,

    Think I may add something like this to my blog too.. x

  3. ABE said,

    Hi – looks like we started blogging about the same time.

    I’m in awe: you are still working. I’m so glad – I really, really miss working – and it’s been 23 years for me. I did research physics. I’m so glad you have that: it keeps you sane. Just give yourself time – maybe you can make the adjustments you’re working on, and live with this stupid thing. Lower your stress as much as possible and be very, very kind and gentle with yourself.

    Nice meeting you – I see you stopped by my blog. I’m looking forward to reading through yours – though I keep seeing myself in your words.

    • Reva said,

      Hi! Yes I think we must have. Thank you – I need to keep working to stop me becoming a hermit. I think it would be very different if I had a partner or family. At the moment work is about all I’m managing to do – I’m not doing any major house chores, cooking my own meals, doing my garden…
      I’d love to do some research in my area of work but after just finishing a short course I don’t think I could do it. I’m considering discussing with my doctor if he knows of any areas of research occurring that overlap ME/CFS and my line of work.
      Nice to meet you too. I look forward to reading more of your posts.

  4. ABE said,

    “At the moment work is about all I’m managing to do”

    I don’t want to give false hopes, or anything, but the ONLY member of our original group to get well – and she probably would have gotten better anyway (some do) – was a woman who didn’t have a family or a partner. She first reduced her working hours; got a LOT of rest. She could come home from work and do NOTHING until the next day. She was gradually able to increase her working hours by resting, and finally got back to a more normal life.

    At the same time I had three kids… Even with help, I never did get the kind of rest that might have helped.

    Of course, that’s all anecdotal, and applied to only one person, etc., etc. But she got better – and the rest of us didn’t. You cast about for ANY difference to try to explain things.

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