November 4, 2012

It’s Beginning to Look a Little Like Christmas

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I haven’t made a Christmas cake in years, probably because I don’t eat them much and I still have one from four years ago in my pantry.  But I’m a bit of a kid at heart and figure it’s time to start thinking seriously about Christmas (oh yeah, and I have a chronic illness which, if I don’t start preparing early, is likely to turn around and bite me on the bum).  Last weekend I found a recipe in a CWA cook book that was sooooo easy.  I hardly had to standing up at all and there were hardly any dishes to do at the end.  What more could a girl with ME/CFS ask for?

This was so simple.  Saturday night I poured 1.5kg of mixed dried fruit in a bowl.  I sprinkled in some sherry (I didn’t bother measuring), some treacle, a cup of sugar and a grated apple.  I mixed it all together, covered it and left it over night.

The next morning I took off the cover and it smelt like Christmas!!  In a separate bowl I mixed together some flour and mixed spices with some melted butter which had cooled, then stirred in 4 eggs.  Once this was all mixed, I poured it over the macerated fruit, folded it all together and poured it into a prepared cake tin.  I’m not a lover of the white icing so I made pretty patterns on the top with almonds and cherries instead.

Then I popped it into a slow oven and spent a good two to three hours pottering in the garden and reading the Sunday paper while it cooked!!