November 3, 2012

A Big Week

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I’ve been a bit quiet this week.  There are a two reasons for this.  One is I’ve had some time to think about my work and my blog and how they fit together.  Long story short, I have decided that this blog is important to me.  I need a way to get my thoughts and feelings down, and for me a private journal doesn’t work.  I need accountability.  Secondly I’m finding some wonderful people here in the cyberworld who can relate to some of what I experience.

The other reason I’ve been a bit quiet this week is this is the first week I’ve worked full time in about six years.  I’ve enrolled to do a short course through my workplace, and it involves 4 face-to-face days of classes.  The first two were this week and one of these fell on my day off.  As my workplace is paying for part of the course I offered to try to see how I’d cope with a full time week given that it would be a different kind of work, using a different part of my brain, and I wouldn’t be on my feet all day.  Also the days were 9-4.30 instead of 8.30 to 5, there was no chance I’d be caught out 15 minutes before the end of the day with any sort of emergency and there were scheduled morning and afternoon tea breaks!!

I had planned to do some sewing last weekend but knowing I had a full on week I replanned and decided to make sure my house was in order, the fridge stocked and I was well rested.  I even decided which meals I was going to have from the freezer on which night.  I rested up and watch a lot of TV.  And once the week started I did my best to stick to a routine.  I even survived a spontaneous dinner out with friends and a last minute breakfast meeting one day.

I was so excited yesterday when it hit 5pm that I’d made it, and while it wasn’t easy I didn’t fall in a complete heap when I stopped which is what usually happens when I’ve overdone it.  I’m having another quiet weekend to reduce the risk of any payback but I have high hopes that I’ve made it through the challenge (especially as I have to repeat the experience in about 3 or 4 weeks).